#Jessica Simpson and Nail bomb are trending today on Google.

Jessica Simpson and Nail bomb are trending today on Google.
United States⋅Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Jessica Simpson

50,000+ searches

Jessica Simpson’s TV interview with Ellen DeGeneres goes totally off the rails DigitalSpy.com
Next up was a bizarre exchange between the pair, with Ellen attempting to keep Jessica on track as she got sidetracked by “man-handlers” for mermaids, before Ellen asked how long Jessica and her husband Eric Johnson have been together. (She wasn’t …

The Sun

Nail bomb

20,000+ searches

What is shrapnel? Bomb fragments that cause horrific injuries and can include … The Sun
Shrapnel is the general term for fragmentation that is thrown out as a bomb or shell explodes. These fragments can contain metal shards and, in some instances, glass, nails or ball bearings that have been included in the bomb with the aim of causing …

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