#Rachel Maddow, DJI Spark and Europa League final are trending today on Google.

Rachel Maddow, DJI Spark and Europa League final are trending today on Google.
United States⋅Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Empty Lighthouse Magazine

Rachel Maddow

50,000+ searches

The Tamest Part of Rachel Maddow’s Interview With Howard Stern Is When The … The Daily Caller
MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow once took to the streets to ask strangers if she was a girl or a boy. It was a bit early on in her career. “I would play it up,” she said. “We totally modeled it on ‘It’s Pat’ from Saturday Night Live.” The short-haired newswoman …


DJI Spark

20,000+ searches

The DJI Spark Is The First Drone I Actually Want To Buy TIME
DJI on Wednesday unveiled the Spark drone, the smallest model the popular Chinese dronemaker has released to date. A first for DJI, the Spark can be controlled entirely through hand gestures for quick airborne selfies. Piloting it with an accompanying …

The Guardian

Europa League final

20,000+ searches

Ajax v Manchester United: Europa League final – live! The Guardian
Manchester United, all in blue, get the Europa League final underway. They are kicking from right to left in the first half and they’re on the attack straight away! The ball’s lifted into the Ajax area by Mata, looking for Mkhitaryan, and that leads to …

EW.com (blog)

Dirty Dancing 2017

20,000+ searches

ABC’s Dirty Dancing: EW Review EW.com (blog)
Technically, it’s all here: the deathless soundtrack, the swiveling pelvises (pelvii?), the wild summer romance. Somehow, though, this earnest, anodyne remake has managed to surgically extract the magic — leaving the story and signature lines intact …

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