#Tyler the Creator and Ravens Home are trending today on Google.

Tyler the Creator and Ravens Home are trending today on Google.
United States⋅Friday, July 21, 2017

The Atlantic

Tyler the Creator

50,000+ searches

The Classic Queer Paradox of Tyler, the Creator The Atlantic
Tyler, the Creator became famous, in part, for being hateful. When his rap collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (“Odd Future” is fine) caught buzz around 2010, it was because of their delirious energy and Eminem-like love of mayhem. But it was …

Washington Post

Ravens Home

50,000+ searches

‘Raven’s Home’ might make millennials nostalgic for the original. But is that … Washington Post
I’m beginning to doubt Raven Baxter’s ability to gaze into the future. Yes, I recognize that admitting so is a sin, and I apologize to the Disney Channel gods whom I once revered. But as the greatest psychic in children’s media, she must have known …

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